One thing I do struggle with is air travel.  How can you balance the environmental impact with a love of seeing different cultures and broadening your understanding of the world? There isn’t really a good solution, all you can do is try to minimise the impact. The ways I try to do this are:


  • Travel by train if it is just a short distance,  The Eurostar is a fabulous way to travel to Europe. British train travel is ridiculously expensive but in europe it makes a lot of sense.
  • Use the Atmosfair app “a German non-profit organisation that actively contributes to CO₂ mitigation by promoting, developing and financing renewable energies in over 15 countries worldwide”.  You simply plug in some details about your flight and it will tell you how much to donate to their projects to off-set emissions. My last trip to Paris cost me 10 euro.
  • Try to travel less, stay longer and contribute more to the country you are visiting. Eat local not in your hotel. Support those little health food stores that you stumble across.
  • If there is a business class option on your flight, don’t use it. The passenger footprint is much much larger for a business class passenger (bigger seats, more space per person, plus all those business lounges in airports). I flew from Bristol to New York on a Ryanair flight a few years ago – it was grim but I survived!
  • I want to explore sleeper trains as a way to cover a lot of ground comfortably in the UK. More to come on this.