Depression, anxiety and the things that people use to cope are so diverse. For me the process of cooking good food, experimenting with flavours and then (usually!) enjoying the outcome is the thing that will calm me and suppress my anxiety for a while. I wanted to talk about this because I do believe that being vegan and making good food can help with mental health for some people.

While I stuggle in may parts of my life, the one thing I do feel relatively confident about is my cooking and my vegan lifestyle. Veganism, for me, colours every decision I make, from what to eat to what make-up I buy to how I buy clothes. For me, it feels like I am doing something, no matter how small, that isn’t pointless and isn’t a failure. Knowing that I am consciously living as kindly as I can has really helped me.

And cooking, for me, is a way to cope with my anxiety. In my down days, I buy ready meals and these will send me into a further spiral of despair and feeling of failure that I can’t even cook properly. So this blog was to make me cook more healthy and interesting food. I also started this blog to try and gain some resilience. I am not good at putting myself out there and inviting comment so this is a quiet and nuturing way to do it.

I suppose I wanted to post this to say that there are many ways to manage your mental health and don’t think that the something that makes you feel better is stupid or unworthy. This is my way – put on some music, get some ingredients and make something. I am not a nutritionist and so the food I prepare is to make me feel happy rather than looking at my diet. I hope you find this blog interesting.

BTW, the photo is one of my favourite things to cook and eat – brown rice, salt and pepper baked tofu and stir fry bok choi. It’s not pretty but so tasty!