I love Masterchef.  Obviously the reliance on meat and fish is more than annoying but I love the passion of the contestants and I always pick up a few tips along the way.  I like to play “vegan invention test” (what would I make out of that stuff on the bench) and “how would I veganise that”?

So, last night Monica made a pea risotto.  It looked stunning so I decided to have a go at a vegan version.  Here it is:


1 tbsp of olive oil

200g arborio rice

100ml white wine

500 ml stock

30g coconut yogurt

1tbsp of nutritional yeast

40g peas plus a few to garnish

Pea shoots for garnish


Gently heat the oil.  Add the rice and stir to coat with the oil.

(I left out the onion at this point, but it’s just personal preference)

Add the wine to the rice and allow to gently reduce

Slowly start to add the stock a ladleful at a time and allow to reduce before adding more.  Keep adding and stirring.

While you are doing this, warm through the peas and the coconut yogurt in a pan.  Once the peas are warmed, puree the mixture.

Once the rice is cooked though and creamy and the pea puree and mix through.

Add the nutritional yeast and stir trhough (this is to replace the parmesan,  You could grate in some vegan cheese but I prefer to add creaminess this way)

Season to taste.

Cook a few peas. Plate up and garnish with the extra peas and some pea shoots.

I must say that this recipe turned out so well, I think even Marcus would like it!